Conventional Outsourcing

Controlled Outsourcing

Outsourcing has brought the business world much closer than ever before, triggering a ceaseless global cultural fair. At one hand it has paved the way for a truly universal business model, it also comes with the initial mindblock of inhibition of the unknown! Our two ‘Conventional Outsourcing’ options are aimed to help you keeping this inhibition at bay and making you settle down to the world of outsourcing.

Module outsourcing or staff augmentation are two proven forms of Conventional Outsourcing which have been widely practised across the globe. We believe that these options have an important role to play to ‘'Test The Water‘, though one has to be careful keeping the business objectives in mind.

Modular Outsourcing

The Modular Outsourcing option helps clients to avail our services on a fixed scope or modular basis. Through this option clients can carve out modules that have specific functional & technology need or have tight budgetary demands. We can help you deliver such time bound specific modules from our delivery center. The start up time in this option may be higher as it is dependent on a clearly defined functional scope / requirements. This option is commonly used to test the offshore strategy.

Staff Augmentation / Resource Outsourcing

AimBeyond's Resource Outsourcing option enables clients to quickly augment their existing engineering teams with our talented pool of engineers. It opens up opportunities for your organization to utilize skill sets and expertise that they normally would not be able to access without large investments at your end. This option has also become a savior to startups and small businesses which have to work with modest capital. This further helps to control the budget overruns and to meet the competetive time-to-market plans. It is also very common to start with this option to test the offshoring strategy.

Sourcing Type Operation Model Suitability Criteria Key Objective
Modular Outsourcing Fixed scope at fixed budget
  • You have extensively defined specifications & deliverables.
  • No requirement & business goals to retain domain knowledge.
  • One time cost savings.
  • Specific work/skill set (not expected again)
Outsourcing @ fixed price & timeframe.
Staff Augmentation Dedicated resources
  • Need some additional effort or specific skill sets in a project.
  • Need for specific assistance not so core.
  • Need to keep work and support on across different time zone.
  • Additional resources
  • Operational flexibility
  • Direct resource management
  • Beyond the clock business availability